Growing the Possibilities of Wheat

We understand that the heart of any bakery is the quest for unique creations. 
Aberland’s wheat brings this quest to fruition with customizable profiles that
inspire bakers to explore new horizons and add variety to their offerings.

Unlocking New Avenues for Artisanal Excellence

We stand with forward-thinking bakeries that champion innovation and sustainability. We understand the artisans behind the ovens — the creators striving for excellence without compromise.

Flavourful Product Innovation​

From the subtlest notes to the boldest tastes, our wheat is developed to enhance your culinary creations, inviting your customers to a signature taste experience.

Reach Your Sustainability Targets

Achieve your goals with our advanced wheat production, grown without pesticides and independent of land and climate.

Embracing the Gluten-Free Revolution

Stand out in the gluten-free sector with our innovative wheat that promises traditional taste and texture.

Explore the Possibilities​

Step into a space where the only limit to your product line is your imagination. Pioneer new delicacies that go from meeting demand to creating desire.

Our Offering

Tailored Solutions​

Adopt our stage-gate approach to develop and refine products that meet your exact standards.

Flavour R&D

Collaborate with our research and development team to create the next generation of standout wheat products.

Customizable Real Wheat Flavors

Unleash the potential of wheat with natural flavours that can be tailored to your unique culinary needs.

How do we do it?

Using our stage-gate approach to customer product development, we first study our customer’s current product lines for flavour and nutritional profiles and develop a list of characteristics with the customer. Next, we perform a global search of wheat seed banks to identify varieties that fit our customer’s  needs for flavour and nutritional profile. 

As the next step we use selected varieties to produce a pure wheat powder supplement to be added to the customer’s product to enhance the flavour or create a new custom product.

Join the Wheat Revolution

Want to learn more about how we can shape the future of food together?

About Aberland

Our team is pioneering the first climate-independent wheat production system. We use cells – not plants – to commercialise healthier wheat products, providing more options for the food companies. Our promise is to enhance wheat flavours, textures, and nutritional values.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our wheat products stand apart because of our cell-based proprietary technology that revives ancestral wheat cultivars with enhanced properties. This not only ensures the highest quality and unique flavours but also upholds our commitment to sustainability. Our processes are designed to benefit the planet, using earth-friendly practices that contribute to a healthier ecosystem. With Aberland, you’re choosing wheat products that are not only superior in taste and consistency but are also crafted with the well-being of our environment in mind.

Short answer: Yes, Long answer: it depends on what is needed. Our products are by default gluten-free, but gluten can be added if required.

Our wheat is cultivated using precision cellular techniques to enhance both taste and texture. We collaborate with culinary experts to refine our products, ensuring they meet the high standards expected by artisanal bakers.

We believe consumers will respond positively. The superior taste, texture, and nutritional value of our wheat products, brewed outside traditionals fields, are designed to meet the evolving preferences of health and climate-conscious consumers looking for great-tasting gluten-free options.

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